Isabella Surpless, of Laurel Lifestyles, is a Nutritionist (BSc) and natural-living specialist. She uses diet, targeted supplementation and lifestyles changes to revolutionise health and wellbeing.By analysing dietary, lifestyle and symptom information through the lens of an individuals particular health concerns would allow her to create a completely personalised health plan for each client.

She also works with families to the same end; creating cohesive dietary and lifestyle plans that work for each individual member of the family, as well as the whole. Each client and family is given ongoing support with the implementation of their bespoke health plan. Isabella specialises in helping her clients regain their energy. She works with exhausted professionals to overcome or avoid burn-out. And as a mother of three herself, she is enthusiastic about supporting frazzled mothers make it through the mentally and physically demanding child-rearing years!

She is passionate about supporting women throughout the lifecycle; to enhance beauty, to improve fertility, to grow healthy babies, to age gracefully, to maintain a healthy weight and to alleviate the dreaded symptoms of the menopause.

If you would like to work with Isabella please contact the Salon. A consultation will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and cost £300. Prior to a consultation the client is asked to provide a 4 day food diary and complete an extensive health questionnaire. If you would like to contact Isabella prior to booking this can be arranged.


The Colour Palette Salon is open for bookings from 9am-5pm on Monday as well as 6pm-9pm on weeknights (excludes Thursdays). If you want to enquire into booking a session for yourself, simply contact the salon on: 01344 379360.

A few things to note before you contact us:

Bookings are charged at an hourly rate of £25 and includes hire of the space and access to furniture where possible. Any additional furniture will need to be 'on brand' for the salon and this will be at the salon owner's discretion.

Food and drink is permitted but only 'snacks'. The salon do not allow hot food or anything more than 'nibbles' and drinks. Alcohol is permitted.

For promotional support, this is charged at an additional cost and is charged as follows:

Facebook event to be listed on The Colour Palette Salon page: £30

Advertisement on Facebook page: £20

Advertisement on Instagram stories (1 story): £20

Newsletter to subscriber list of 2000 customers: £75

All content associated with The Colour Palette Salon will need to be signed off by the marketing team before distribution.

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