Rebel Kid

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My passion for fashion has been the seed culminating for my new adventure. For me fashion is a way I express myself. Our bodies are blank canvases that we paint with the items of clothing we wear. My history and love of fashion is deeply rooted from the influences of my whole family, who love fashion - so much to the point that my Aunt & Uncle were one of the first people to have owned a fashion line in South Africa called “Anna Liza Eggert” and was featured on international runways.

I was also from a very young age influenced by the style of my Mother and Aunt who always dressed outside of the box.

Being an avid traveller, my fashion sense has an international appeal, with styles that have influenced me in every part of my journey. I don’t believe in set rules when it comes to fashion.

With Rebel Kid, I aim to present you with a new clothing line for women. The line is a cultural explosion which will empower every woman wearing my apparel and make them love themselves even more. My label shows no discrimination against size or shape, and never boxes anyone into a specific look. More than ever, I strongly believe it’s time for women of all shapes and sizes to stand together if we want to show the world the power that a woman possesses – and in this standing together to also show our uniqueness. That’s why I feel fashion should be an expression of our inner core.

Our personalities should be displayed in our sense of style and I aim to bring you a clothing line that will inspire you to do this. Let’s be rebels with a cause for self-expression.


Much love,

Hardia 💋 x

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