The Colour Palette Salon is READY FOR YOU.

Please read the following final details about our very important safety measures and some information regarding the salon.


  • All clients must please take a seat that will be placed for the required distance which will be outside the salon on the patio and wait to be called for your appointment.

  • All clients MUST wear masks at ALL times and sanitize their hands upon entry of the salon at our sanitizing station situated at the front entrance on the right hand side.

  • We as #TeamColourPalette have now implemented to make sure social distancing will be adhered to at checkout and staff members will explain our EXIT procedure to you.

  • All staff will be wearing full PPE (face masks, face guards, gloves and disposable aprons with colour appointments).

  • All staff members will change their gloves for a new set after each client.

  • Disposable towels will be use in the WC area.

  • Sanitizing stations will be placed around the salon on both levels.

  • Barbicide will be placed on each station that will be used for equipment and changed daily.

  • Hair brushes and nail files will be sprayed with disinfectant after every use.

  • Please ask a member of staff if you need to use the WC facility. After each use, the toilet facility will be clean and sterilized.

  • Towels will be washed after every use at 90 degrees and a new set of towels will be used in Hair and all Beauty treatments.

  • All towels have now been removed from all beauty rooms and disposable covering are in place.

  • All our staff have done extra Covid-19 training courses online.

  • All staff have now been briefed on the required Covid-19 safety measures in place as specified by tbe Government in close contact business environment.

  • We have implemented the required distance between all hair stations and nail stations.

  • Each stylist has been allocated 2 stations and placed at the required distance apart and they will alternate to a new station with each client whilst the station that has just been used by the previous clients gets sterilized.

  • Very large hair screens are now set up between each stylist hair stations.

  • Stations and WC will be sterilized in between every client use.

  • The salon will be cleaned, steamed and sterilized every evening after a working day.

  • Beauty payments and bookings will be carried out upstairs.

  • Only card or contactless payments will be accepted at this stage until further notice.

  • The backwashes now have screens up as well.

  • All magazines are removed from the salon.

  • All beverages will be served in disposable cups.

  • The reception area, nail stations and pedicure stations have a safety screen up.

  • All clients that have to visit the salon for a patch test must please contact the salon once you have parked your car at the salon to let us know you have arrived - you will not have to sit in the allocated temporary waiting area outside you can just wait outside the front door and one of the staff members will then be aware that you are there and bring you into the salon for the test.

  • We will not be taking clients' coats or jackets at this stage to hang in our cloakroom.

  • Arrows will be on the floor to make sure the flow of traffic in the salon adhere to the 1m social distancing measures.

  • All waiting areas and lounge areas will not be in use until further notice.

  • Please do not come for your appointment accompanied by anyone else. Unfortunately no waiting area will be allowed to be accessed.

  • Please arrive for your appointment on time, not earlier. Please under no circumstances arrive late for your appointment, this will put our staff members under pressure to keep within their allocated times lots.


We thank you for your continuous support and kindness you have shown us throughout this entire period. The team can't wait to have our clients back in the salon.

Please keep in mind these are temporary measures and the salon may change and adapt them at any time - this includes removing any services at short notice on advice from the government.

These measures are to ensure the safety of staff and clients to help get services back to normal as quick as possible. The salon team will be working hard behind the scenes to maintain the high standard of treatments offered before lockdown.



The online booking system is now open for bookings for treatments.

All Colour, Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions and Advanced Beauty Treatments must please be done via our telephone lines on 01344 379360.

All other bookings can be done via the online booking system or via our telephone lines.


Thank you.