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Spotlight On | Kelly

Spotlight On | Kelly

Hi Kelly... So, at last, I know you have some AMAZING news to share with everyone!

So, let's get cracking.

After teasing your secret through our newly Bespoke Social Media Page - please finally tell us the BIG secret!

I'm super happy to officially announce The Colour Palette Salon is now part of the ELEMIS family! The facials are so relaxing and results driven. As well as feeling pampered, you're also helping your skin concerns.
The products are extremely impressive, not only does every product have their own unique smell, they offer fantastic results too. They really are impressive!

As I'm not a Beauty Therapist, can you explain what type of facials we are bringing into The Colour Palette Salon and why you picked them specifically?

We're bringing in TOUCH Facials, these are your hands-on facials along with BIOTEC Facials, which are your machine based facials.

We've handpicked a few more anti-ageing facials too. As we know, this is always hot topic and a big concern for a lot of our clients. We often get asked about this kind of treatment.

ELEMIS TOUCH Pro-Collagen Age Defy, BIOTEC Line Eraser and Firm-a-Lift facials are more for anti-ageing. They expertly target fine lines, wrinkles and slacking skin tone.
ELEMIS TOUCH Super Food Pro-Radiance, Dynamic Resurfacing Peel, BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer and Radiance Renew really help to restore moisture, improve skin tone and texture as well as having the anti-ageing benefits.

How exciting is it that so we now know more about the ELEMIS facials. Tell us a bit more about the retail products we'll have for our clients to be purchased!

We have the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen range, including Pro-Collagen Definition with the selected products from Superfood, Dynamic Resurfacing and Peptide 24/7 range. Our retail products will complement the facials we'll be offering in-salon, making sure the products you loved during your facial, can be enjoyed by clients in the comfort of their own homes - this was very important for us.

So Kelly, why did #TeamColourPaletteBeauty decide to bring in ELEMIS and what is so unique about this brand?

ELEMIS is a British brand. Their products are all naturally sourced but led by science. To put it in their own words, ELEMIS is where the science of nature meets the science of the skin. The facials and products are result driven, all ELEMIS products are tested by ELEMIS masters and the results are fed back to the laboratory.

Our facials will include 15 minutes of consultation time - this is so we can provide a facial tailored to your skin and prescribe the perfect products for you!

When would clients be able to start booking for the facials?

Our facials will be available from the 28th September 2020, but booking will be open from the 22nd of September 2020. We expect quite a high demand so booking should be made as early as possible by clients.

So for the BIG question... Have you and JP decided if there will be any opening offers? Tell us more!

For existing and new clients, we're offering a massive 40% off a facial of your choice with 25% off all products for retail after your facial. This offer is exclusively valid for one month only!

If clients only have time to pop in and grab their favourite products, they'll still receive 25% off their product and a voucher for 40% off a facial, valid for the length of the promotion.

It's worth everyone keeping an eye on our What's New page (link) for updates on the promotion and full terms and conditions.

Would you be able to tell us what sort of prices the facials will be?

All of our BIOTEC facials are £75, these appointments are 1 hour 15 mins. The treatment will last 1 hour and the 15 minutes will be for a consultation.

For the TOUCH facials, we'll have 2 options, either 30 mins for £30 or 1 hour 15 mins for £70, with the same treatment timings as the BIOTEC. The 30 min treatments are great as a little taster of what to expect from the lengthier facial.

Don't forgot, for the length of the promotion there will be 40% off the facial prices!

Are you excited that we're now going to have a BIOTECH facial? What's the difference to a Hands-on Facial?

I'm a MASSIVE fan of machine based facials, but, I'm extremely happy to have BIOTEC in the salon now. BIOTEC uses 5 different bio-electric technologies to really help target your skin concerns. The ELEMIS TOUCH facials are for clients who prefer a more massage experience of a facial, these facials will feel more of a pamper and a treat, while still working on improving your skin concerns.

Kelly, BIG question - What's your favourite ELEMIS skincare product if you can only choose 1 and why?

It's very hard to only pick one! But, if I had to, I would say the Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser. This has been a long-term favourite of mine, it smells gorgeous, it's so creamy and it makes your skin feel super clean & soft.

Can you advise us on what facials are good for what skin types?

ELEMIS BIOTEC Line Eraser and Firm-a-Lift are great facials for all skin types but, the treatments are more targeted to those clients looking for more anti-ageing benefits.

The Pro-Collagen Age Defy is also more anti-ageing - great for dry and sensitive skins too!

ELEMIS BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer and ELEMIS TOUCH Dynamic Skin Resurfacing Peel are brilliant for a more spot prone skin or scarring left from blemishes. If your skin is a bit lacklustre then these will 100% brighten your skin back to glowing.

ELEMIS TOUCH Superfood Pro Radiance is brilliant for a dehydrated skin or if you have a really busy lifestyle.

BIOTEC Radiance Renew targets pigmentation and uneven skin tones - this also works really well to help reduce dark circle under the eyes!

Well Kelly thank you so much for sitting down with me and answering all my questions so thoroughly. After chatting to you, I'm so so excited to start using the ELEMIS skincare range myself - you have definitely converted me now.

Well guys, hope you enjoyed reading the interview with our Beauty Therapist Kelly - don't forget about this amazing opening offer. It's one not to miss!

Please keep an eye on our Offers PageWhat's New Page as this offer will be detailed in full with a link to our booking system.

Just before I sign off, thank you for signing up to our Colour Palette Blogpost! For myself and #TeamColourPalette, we're so happy to have had a record number of sign-ups in the last few weeks. The blogs bring wonderful insights into all aspects of the salon - so if you know anyone who hasn't yet signed up, give them a nudge as it's sure worth them doing so!

Can't wait to see you again at the salon to experience these amazing products and newly launched facials.
I'm sure #TeamColourPaletteBeauty can't wait for you to experience them for yourselves.


Have a blessed day.


Hardia & #TeamColourPaletteBeauty

Author: Hardia (Wessels) Van Rensburg