Spotlight On | Heaven Skincare - The Colour Palette Salon

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Spotlight On | Heaven Skincare

Spotlight On | Heaven Skincare

We've been celebrating six months of The Colour Palette Salon over here all week and when thinking back to our opening offering, there's one treatment we were proud to bring to the tiny town of Crowthorne. Loved by Kate Middleton herself and stocked in luxury stores all over the UK, that's right, we're talking about The Bee Sting Facial. But did you know there's more to this miracle treatment? In fact there's a whole brand behind the Beesting and this week we're telling you all about it - that's right, it's the amazing Heaven Skincare.

It all started with The Bee Sting Facial, the skin transforming treatment that everyone is talking about. Infused with Bee Venom, the treatment lifts signs of tiredness, puffy eyes and even looser skin around the chin. The idea of Bee Venom being beneficial to the skin came to founder of the Heaven Skincare brand Deborah Mitchell in a dream and now her patented ABEETOXIN, is hailed by those in the beauty industry as a natural Botox with its collagen enhancing properties.

The treatment starts with one of our expert beauty therapists applying the cream onto the skin combining a series of massage techniques that relax your facial muscles and tighten your skin all at the same time.

After the treatment, you can expect an instant glow, whilst feeling fresh and "light" with all of the troubles of the day massaged away by expert hands. But the key to any treatment is keeping the glow going after you leave the salon. That's where the rest of the Heaven Skincare range comes in, including a huge range of products from skin creams to oils and face wipes there's something for every skin type and budget and guess what, they're all stocked here at The Colour Palette Salon.

This week have one of our handy round ups for you which include products used and endorsed by our very own Hardia so if you want a flawless face on the daily, why not check out our top products to use at home.\

Prism Age Defiance Cream £73 for 50ml

Moisturise, moisturise, moisture - that's the key to beautiful skin and Heaven's Age Defiance Cream is your secret to success. This award-winning moisturiser not only plumps out lines but will even out your skin tone all whilst preventing breakouts too! Suitable for all skin types, particularly for those with blemished, sensitive or oily complexions this product is one that needs to be added into your skincare regime asap.

Silver Bee Venom Mask £64 for 30ml

The signature product from the range and the ultimate in "at home spa" treats, the Silver Bee Venom Mask is a little bit of luxury in your life. The organic cream works in a similar way to the facial and can even be left on as an overnight moisturiser or during the day as for amplified results.

Cleanse & Foam Wash £37 for 145ml

This mandarin oil infused cleanse and foam face wash is gentle to the skin whilst exfoliating and cleansing to improve elasticity and balance the oils to reduce shine. Add this into your routine in the morning and the evening, gently massaging into your skin in circular motions for the best results.

We love this range so much we want to share it with you too, so why not join one of the beauty team for a free of charge skin consultation where they'll take you through the best products for your skin. From Their favourite New edition cleanser which is the first ever cleanser to contain ABEETOXIN - to Formula Bee Eyes designed specifically to reduce and relax lines around the eyes, they really do have all the knowledge to help you on your way to the perfect skin regime.

So hands up who's ready to get the freshest skin on the block? There's never been a better time to book in and become a part of the Bee Sting Facial revolution and don't forget, we sell the full range of products right here in the salon so pop in a pick up a Bee Sting treat today.

Author: Nerissa Pratt