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Learning To Channel The Rebel Within Me

Learning To Channel The Rebel Within Me

When it comes to fashion, I can honestly say it's a big love of mine. As you all know from previous blogs and posts on The Colour Palette Salon's social media platforms, I was born into a family which had a passion for fashion. My Aunt was always one step ahead... Yes, I kid you not, BIG shoulder pads was a must in some of her ranges which you now see grazing the international catwalks.

My memories take me back to my childhood in South Africa where I would dress up with my Mums' clothes which were passed down from my Aunts' Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter range - I remember it as clear as day. We're talking animal print catsuits, snakeskin high heels and the most amazing belts, and if I say big loop earrings, I mean BIG LOOP EARINGS!!!

One of my fondest memories was of my beautiful Mum (a Brigitte Bardot lookalike), with big hair, I mean big perm hair, big sunglasses and the most breath-taking silk catsuit, matched with snakeskin heels and a big chunky silver belt. After a range, she would have bags and bags full of clothes at our house and she'd sell them to her friends. Gosh, it takes me back!

Growing up, I was surrounded by two of the most stylish woman in Pretoria, South Africa - and believe me, they are still as stylish and classy today as they were back then. I remember spending many nights lying on my back into the early hours of the morning whilst my Mum was studding denim jackets for my Aunt and Uncle's new range.

My Mum and Aunt both thought outside the box and that's where I got my "dress outside the box" mentality from. If you know me, you'll think nothing in seeing me in all over glitter dresses paired up with animal print All Stars and a bumbag full of skulls and studs. It's about experimenting and putting your own name to the outfit... your own twist.

The other element that plays an important part in my new journey in the world of fashion is a very strong influence from my Dad. He has always supported me to be different, to think different and to make up my own mind and then to just go for it.
Yes, I will definitely put my hand up to it, did it always pay off?... NO, but the journey I was on, the mistakes I made and the challenges I faced, have all contributed to where I am today.

There were times when I was the biggest Rebel WITHOUT a cause but, if there was no cause, my Dad would pretend there IS A CAUSE and he will support wholeheartedly.

I think back to the time when I was living in Thailand - in a jungle there was only 1 rock where I had a bit of reception, I would call my Dad and even though I had no clue to what my plan in life was, he would just always be the kind and encouraging voice on the other side of the phone letting me be on this meaningless mission in life but still being there for me every second of the way.

I was never a "perfect student" to say the least, but I had my Dad's support, no matter what I attempted. He never judged me, not even during the most rebellious periods of my life. Yes, I was in CAPITAL letters a REBEL KID, and that is where the inspiration for my new clothing range comes from.

Today I'm a Mum to the most beautiful boy and a Wife to a rock solid Man. Believe me, the Rebel is still very alive inside of me but, I've learned to use it to my advantage and it's the driving force behind my business - The Colour Palette Salon.

Now, I'm channelling the "Rebel" inside me and feel super excited to be launching my own clothing and accessory range - Rebel Kid.

The ethos behind my range is very close to my heart. I'm a strong believer in no discrimination against age, size or length. This line is going to be for EVERY woman.

With Rebel Kid, I aim to present to you a new clothing line for woman. It's a cultural explosion to empower every woman wearing my apparel and make them love themselves even more. More than ever, I strongly believe it's time for woman of all shapes and sizes to stand together to show the world the power a woman possesses.
This standing together will also show our uniqueness. I believe Fashion should be an expression of our inner core, our personalities should be displayed in our sense of style. In Rebel Kid, I aim to bring you a clothing line that will inspire you to do this. Let's be "Rebels" with a cause for self-expression.

Please follow Rebel Kid's new Facebook and Instagram page, and be one of the first to know when this range, that I am so incredibly exciting about launches.

Have a blessed day.

Hardia x

Author: Hardia (Wessels) Van Rensburg