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From The Salon Chair | Cutting Curls

From The Salon Chair | Cutting Curls

We're big fans of curly hair here at The Colour Palette Salon, but with so much shape and texture, cutting curly hair isn't just about adding layers and taking a few millimetres off, it's about creating a halo of curls that frame the face and are, of course, frizz-free. This week Creative Director of hair, Alessio gives us the lowdown on what it takes to perfect a curly cut.

When it comes to cutting curly hair, Alessio is an expert. Styling and cutting curls not only in the salon but for designers and in a host of magazines, there isn't a curl type that he can't master. This week we sat down with him to ask his top tips for washing, cutting styling and finishing.


As with any hair type, it's very important to prep the hair with the right products and with the salon stocking a huge range of luxury Oribe products, there's something for every curl type. Stuck on what your hair needs? Well don't you worry, Alessio recommends the following:

Shampoo for Moisture & Control

Curly hair tends to require a bit more moisture than normal and can tend to be dry. Oribe Shampoo for moisture and control will add instant moisture leaving it instantly smooth.

Intense Conditioner for Moisture & Control

For normal to fine curls, Alessio recommends Conditioner for Moisture & Control and for thicker to dry hair, why not try Intense Conditioner for Moisture & Control. These deep conditioners instantly penetrate even the coarsest curls leaving them silky and smooth.

Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler

This miracle product acts as the foundation for adding even more moisture to the hair and contains with cupuacu and mango seed butter which leave the hair smelling divine


Curl Control Silkening Creme | Curl Shaping Mousse | Curl Gloss Hydration & Hold

Perfect for: soft waves | wavy | deep waves | soft curls

Our kind of combination, this trio will give you the combination of ultra-hydrating nourishment thanks to the Silkening Creme with texture and reduced frizz from the curl and shaping mousse. Finally, the Curl gloss hydration and hold keep your style in place for the day with no sign of crunchy curls.

Curl Control Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler | Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Creme | Curl Gelee for Shine & Definition

Perfect for: Curly | ultra-curly | coiled | zig-zag | tightly coiled

Another winning trio but this time for deeper curl types, let Curl Control Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler do all the hard work for you as it softens and nourishes coarse curls. Pair this with Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Creme to control frizz whilst Curl Gelee for Shine & Definition will take care of making sure each and every curl is deeply defined.

*Top Tip*

When it comes to applying product to any curl type, it's super important to apply your it from the roots all the way through to the ends with a large comb, section by section. This technique will ensure that the product is evenly distributed throughout the hair avoiding build up on the scalp leaving the curls defined and polished finish - no more crunchy curls.


When it comes to curly hair there are many different types and textures: wavy, curly and coily. Depending on the type will depend on how a hairdresser might approach cutting it.

Alessio says "When it comes to working with any hair type, the key ingredient is to completely understand how it might react, this includes taking into account the shape, tension and curl type as well as the final desired look too. With this combination in mind, it's also key to work in a methodical way in order to get a feel for the shape and balance."

"When it comes to the cut itself, it's like creating a sculpture, working more with the shape when it's wet through to when it's dry allowing the texture to dry into their natural form."


When blow-drying textured hair it's really key to use a suitable tool such as a diffuser and those all-important products. Using a comb once again to put the hair in place, we start by drying the hair with the hairdryer on low heat and low speed until the hair is completely dry Alessio's top tip here is not to touch the hair until it's completely dry to allow the curls to fall into place on their own.

Once the hair is dry we finish the look by shaking the locks out to give them a more natural, look, separating the curls - here we can assess the shape and work with a more visual and freehand technique.

*Top Tip*

For extra texture and a more catwalk look we can finish the look with Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray or Dry Texturizing Spray

So, there you have it, a whistle-stop tour form Alessio on the essentials for caring for those curls - looking to get your waves tamed? Book an appointment online now and don't forget, we stock all the amazing Oribe products mentioned in this blog post in the salon too so you can stock up any time.

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Author: Nerissa Pratt