The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery – Edition 8 - The Colour Palette Salon

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The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 8

The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 8


Presenting - The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery of Trends in 2021!

Pantone may have declared ‘Ultimate Grey’ and ‘Illuminating Yellow’ as the colours of 2021, but we’re making a case for... VIBRANT ORANGE!.


Take the tangerine lips at Versace, the orange bobby pins at Dries Van Noten, the faded peach-wash at Louis Vuitton and subtle sunset hues at Burberry. These breathtakingly beautiful touches of fresh, vibrant colour have earned a place in our summer wardrobe and faces in '21.

Who would have thought we'd be welcoming back the amazing mullet hair cut! Take layers to the extreme and combat all your hair problems in a stylish way as this big chop freshens up dry ends, gives personality and bundles of volume to your look. Alternatively, your hairstylist can ease you in by softening a blunt one length with some long layers - this is great for someone who loves movement through the ends. A gentle diffuse is a great way to finish or wrap dry and pick those tips out with some styling putty.

Attention all manicures... you need some yellow! Team Colour Palette beauty have an amazing selection of yellow-orange gels which can be topped off with fun nail art to make your hands happy in every shade from pastel to neon. Mix it up your matte or gloss bass with abstract, florals or geometric shapes in grey to contrast the symbol of optimism and energy. Tangerine, marmalade, tiger, cantaloupe, you name it, we have it!

There is a yellow and grey for everyone and it's creeping into our hair colour palettes. We love seeking out new trends & ideas on Pinterest & Instagram and the way these shades photograph just pops! Add a slate grey or smoky ice toner to your fresh set of foils with a creative panel of contrasting yellow. Grey is no longer limited to an age bracket the same way yellow isn't - those unwritten rules don't apply here. Pair with a sharp cut for a head turning look when walking down the street.

Clothes are the paint and our body is the canvas. We consider the black smock dress from Rebel Kid an amazing primer to layer fun and bright accessories with. Don't be afraid to swap chunky trainers in the day for heeled sandals at night for a smooth transition into the next event. Grab a vegan leather tie bag in yellow, hot pink, light pink, green, silver, gold purple and black to switch it up and enjoy dressing yourself in the morning again. See our latest video on Rebel Kid socials to decide which ones suit you best!

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