The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery – Edition 7 – The Colour Palette Salon

The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 7

The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 7


Presenting - The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery of Trends in 2021!

'I live life in the margins of society. My goal is to never copy.' - Tamara de Lempicka.


There are endless textures and tones that make up the world we are surrounded in, be it natural or man made.

For creatives, this offsets their inspiration for new designs wonderfully. Watching a parrot preen its feathers in a documentary, revealing a magnitude of rich shades of greens and blues, will have a hair colourist return to the salon painting a similar effect through their vivid hair client. A trip to the galleries and walking through the architect of the buzzing city of London ignites any artists creative juices.

You may or may not have noticed the contrast of sharp cutting angles framing the face with jewelled tones brought back from the sights of The Natural History museum. Take the 'oil slick hair' trend for example. Celebrity New York stylist , Aura Friedman, created this effect with the intention to amplify darker bases with creative colour. See how rich magenta, pine and cobalt strands melt into black - showcasing that stunning oil spill effect when the deep waves bounce off the light.

Whether you like simple and chic or bold and pattered, your nails are an expression of who you are. Decorate them as such! Whilst we appreciate the beauty of minimalism here at The Colour Palette beauty lounge, art on that accent finger gets our thumbs up. SS21 is showing us a lot of naked nail bases . Top with swirls, dots or a mixture of 'spilt' colours like turquoise and oranges to reveal good nail health with simple grooming as the creations do the talking. Think 60s shapes in any colour you dare to dream of when it comes to your next set of gels on your finger tips and toes.

MUA, Hélène Vasnier, made pansies the headline of her two-toned 'visually loud' eye makeup looks for the Giambattista Valli runway. Valli is a designer who also has also featured a range in the more affordable, everyday woman high street store, H&M. High fashion make up included, but was not limited to, unibrows by Stevie Huynh for haunting beauty and jolts of colour with an electric cat eye for Versace. Not forgetting the apricot swirls on the apples of the cheeks of the models that walked for Vivienne Westwood. We say it's time to get excited about color again, make your makeup bag consist of the tools to create this by popping to popular make up counters and let the professionals do what they do best!

Long layers in hair breaks up the weight on the base line with subtlety while shorter lengths through the ends of the hair add dimension and texture to a classic style. The more extreme the layers the shaggier the effect. See how celebrities are creeping into pixie/shag/mullet territory as they hybrid with their longer lengths. Those looking to play around with a fringe but not yet wanting to commit should opt for some softly scattered layers around the face - giving you a relaxed yet effortless feel which is here to see us into the summer. The combination of a crisp line with defined layers is going to spring us forward into the much anticipated year of 2021 with style!

Pair this with our famous vegan leather dress from the newly launched Rebel Kid clothing line for serious style goals. If you haven't realised by now, the ethos of the brand is empowerment. By choosing to step into prints as bold and bright as Rebel Kids, you yourself decide your mindset for that day. There is a celebration of courage and uniqueness happening and EVERYONE is invited as the generous sizing of this range goes up to XXL. Give Rebel Kid a 'like' and 'follow' on all socials to see woman of all ages, shapes and sizes unite in their campaign to be a little bolder or simply glance over to the front of The Colour Palette Salon where designer, Hardia, displays the 100s of ways you can dress up or dress down one fun garment!

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