The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery – Edition 4 – The Colour Palette Salon

The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 4

The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 4


Presenting - The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery of Trends in 2021!

'By being natural and sincere, one can often create revolutions without having sought them.' - Dior.


Midi length hair is so easy to compliment with a shade of beautiful blonde to suit everyone. A little bit of lightness goes a long way! Huge in popularity this season is soft dimensional baby-lights, bespoke balayage and all round platinum. The secret is in the toner, a sparkling gloss that transforms your tresses with an icy, champagne, pearl or buttermilk hue. Team Colour Palette love customising formulas to best compliment their guests skin tone.

Changing your hair with your seasons is a fun pairing that guides you into a new dawn. We're stepping into summer with the most chic and versatile hair cut of all, AKA, the bob.
Growing in requests but not our hair length, this hairstyle is maintainable with simple styling skills and only a few minutes of your time. Giving you the appearance of thickness with some light body and movement with tailored layering, this classic has been turned on its head with some undone beach waves. Did someone say Piña coladas?

Making a feature on this weeks mood board is an intensely matte smoked out eye *reminisces to our Gossip Girl TV show binges with Jenny Humphrey.* Reach for your eye shadow palette, pencils and soap brow kits as we stand strong in our stance for statement eyes with radiant skin. Hazed out eyes is the result of the smokey eye technique evolving into the year of 2021.

A gloss red manicure is that timeless classic sported by women of all walks of life. Your nails are as much an accessory as your handbag, shoes, and jewellery. Those finding themselves wanting to delve deeper into their darker side can opt for dark and mysterious faded tips into black. Featuring tapered ends that are squared off, coffin nails are a bold and fashionable shape to take pride of place on your hands.

Leather and leopard print makes Rebel Kid clothing designer Hardia's heart sing! This is why two of these dress designs made the cut for the Bold & Courage line. The soft vegan leather hugs your waist while the flattering print sleeves add tons of fun from the clothing lines vibe. You'll find the styling guide on all our socials encourage customisation with your favourite pair of big earrings and your most striking pair of ankle boots for that S H O W S T O P P I N G effect! For more casual vibes, the label holds a selection of soft PU leather tie bags in every popping pastel colour your t-shirt, denim shorts and sandals needs.

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