The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery – Edition 2 – The Colour Palette Salon

The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 2

The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 2


Presenting - The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery of Trends in 2021!

'When you take a picture, when the sets are in place , something takes over and leads you. It's this sense of extraordinary luck and chance. The shoot is blessed and charmed and you make pictures that you couldn't in your wildest dreams have imagined. THAT is the magic of photography!' - Tim Walker


Rise like a phoenix from the flames in 2021 in the summery statement shade , orange! We're loving the fearless tiger print design from the Bold & Courage line which recently launched from female empowerment label, Rebel Kid. Any age, size and shape can style this tiger print smock from day to night. In true spirit of the brands ethos, be a little bolder, be a little braver when you step out of lockdown with a fresh approach on what gift each day is to stand up, dress up, and never give up. Learn HOW from Hardia's weekly style guide where the Rebel Kid designer takes you on a journey of different looks. With the help of shoes, accessories and her handbags we're celebrating a style as UNIQUE.AS.YOU!

We're swapping matte for gloss when it comes to our make up bag and shine is no longer just for lips. Give yourself an all over glow with a swipe of balm with a shimmer on your lids, lips, and cheek bones. Take a more subtle approach to your lip colour with a stain product. We love Benefit's tinted lip and cheek stain in shade Rose which has buildable pigment when you apply, blot, then apply again. Finish with a quick flicker of blue liquid eyeliner to add zest to the life of your make up routine.

Curls, whether they are embraced from nature or styled with tongs remain a huge hit when it comes to The Colour Palette styling menu.
For the more free spirited among us, a messy tousled bohemian waves is perfect for low maintenance. If you still enjoy a structured shape to keep your ringlets in order, work a stacked graduated shape with a modern side parting to soften your face. Receive admiration in the street from your curls being put to work giving you bundles of effortless volume!

BIG hair should have BOLD colour. Nothing says fearless like fiery copper to spice up a previous brunette. For blondes, add a pop of vivid colour such as citrus lemon. Previously we’ve run away from yellow, but now we’re running towards it. A surprisingly flattering and bright creative colour which shows off your fun personality. The beauty in experimenting with fashion shades is that they go as wash in as quick as they wash out. For more mellow approach to what’s presented on the mood board, opt for a blushed peach tone or tip out your ends in coral!

Take a fresh approach to your nails with square, squoval, rounded or almond shapes and immerse yourself in the unlimited combinations of colours and designs. Would you pack a bunch with neon pink or strike in high gloss vivid green? EVERY nail is an ACCENT nail this season with our technicians painting swirls for tie dye effect. Spring forward into summers brighter days with a brighter manicure of choice!

* Team Colour Palette works behind the scenes on zoom for a entire week before each publication *

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