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The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 13

The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 13


Presenting - The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery of Trends in 2021!

'What beauty is? I know not. Though it adheres to many things.' - Durer.


Time to warm up and add some spice tones to your make up collection as October, November and December dawns. Your paler skin will thank you for the richer colour options like copper, gold and bronze on your eye lids, lips and cheeks.

Think Spice by MAC to slightly over line your lips with and Naked Heat eyeshadow set by Urban Decay to achieve all your pumpkin spice latte eye looks of dreams! We love flicking in between eyes and lips being the focal point of the face depending on the day, but what always remains the same is some light contouring and a little blush bronzer combo to add some definition in between. Those with green, hazel and brown eyes are really in for a treat (rather than a trick) as this months Fashion Gallery Of Trends In 2021 really favours those possessing these envious eye colours. Make up at fall season is all about recreating a warm and healthy glow - after all, our golden hour light is transitioning into fresh walks on crisp autumnal leaves.

Upstairs in the cosiness of The Colour Palette Beauty Lounge we can see our clients are reaching out for greys and black gel colours. While this shade works with our outfit choices, not against them...we look forward to orange, greens and browns dominating the nail section of our gallery. Geometric nail designs remain a strong favourite for our nail art fanatics with interesting patterns and contrasting colours leaving them oh so mesmerised but don't forget a classic French tip is a classic for a reason! For such a simplistic design, 2021 and now 2022 still knows how to churn out a new spin onto this idyllic design each and every time! Should you find yourself still stuck for inspiration...take a look no further than around you. We're seeing leaves transform from green to orange to brown and neutral blue grey foggy skies. Adding such colours to your own everyday adds a energy from the natural elements and a fresh look to working hands.

Add richness to your tresses this autumn with buttery, copper, caramel or pecan tones. It will add shine and vibrancy to lack lustre hair in need of a post summer refresh that reflects the times. All these colour choices strongly compliment all short to long lengths and can be tailored to the statement you want to make. A little nervous to go for an all over shade of copper? Allow Team Colour Palette colourists to add a few strategically placed pieces around your face to really make your features pop and enjoy your new found dimension. Feeling brave enough to go in bold when adding warm tones to your chunky face frame? Think intense rose golds and ambers.

When it comes to the Bold & Courage line from Rebel Kid, consider yourself as free from the chains of stereotypes women of a certain age, shape or size are expected to conform to. Designer Hardia, a mum on the go herself, has real women at the forefront of her mind when shooting regularly for her indie line with a heart and voice. Her message is female empowerment which her fellow working mum and model Katie portrays beautifully in her Leopard Print Smock Dress. Paired with this fun and floaty 3/4 length zipped sleeved dress is our Genuine Leather Skull Chain Clutch Bag. Envision how a quick transition from day to night can be made with the help of a studded leather jacket and thigh high suede boots over dark tights.

Longer lengths that we unintentionally acquired in the earlier stages of 2021 is still being regarded as an asset we're enjoying working with. After some practice and the use of the right products, as recommended by our highly experienced team of stylists, our long haired styling regime has really come into its own. Wellaplex No 3's deep conditioning mask is really the saviour to thank for our new found long lengths. Its repairing and restoring properties prevents dryness on the ends that should have been cut off a few appointments ago. Rest assured we'll welcome back our much loved bobs and midi's soon, but for now, extra shaping around the face and eye framing fringes on long lengths is hotter than the log burner in your favourite countryside pub!

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