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The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 12

The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery - Edition 12


Presenting - The Colour Palette Fashion Gallery of Trends in 2021!

'Stop Telling Women to Smile' - Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.


Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is best known for 'Stop Telling Women to Smile', a wheat-paste photograph series. She's not afraid to tackle social issues in her art, making us compelled visually just as much as we are politically. The colourful work of feminist Fazlalizadeh is proudly featured on this months Fashion Gallery of 2021 Trends in our stance for female empowerment.

One of the hottest nail colour trends in 2021 is the beautifully exotic aqua! The bright shade of blue is the refreshing look you need to compliment or add contrast to any outfit. Allow this tone to take you back to clear water beaches with coastal rocks while adding an extra glow to your summer tan. See how each individual nail design comes together to form one aqua dream team...something The Colour Palette Salon beauty lounge can offer you with sequins and glitter galore! Think aqua, think versatile hues wearable for any occasion.

Rebel Kid - A fashion label with a voice. When it comes to looking good we want you to FEEL it from every single angle. That’s why all of our clothing is designed with real body shapes in mind. Did you know that we embrace authenticity for all of our campaigns and content? Why, you ask? Because they are real with amazing lives lived and incredible stories to tell. The Bold and Courage line is about being a bold, badass babe who feels empowered by fashion... not intimidated by it! The inclusive fashion brand is finally here to inject colour, print and pattern to your wardrobe. Founded by stylist and female entrepreneur Hardia, the Rebel Kid range is all about confidence and empowering individuals to look and feel their best - no matter age, size, length or shape. YOU ARE UNIQUE

This isn’t a crowd for no make-up make up. This season we’re celebrating our freedom with colour, particularly pastel so come and blend the rules. Lilac, mint and powder blues are all contenders in our fun with fashion party. Breathe in the freshness these tones bring to even the most sophisticated of faces. Turn your look on its head from day to night by adding an extra layer of lip gloss sheen to your lids - yes you read that right! Eyeshadow and blush morph into one while lip products feature on the eyes. Have you considered touches of colour as an accent that dips your toe into the water of creativity? Think inner corners, top liner or smoked under the eye for a piece of personality on your appearance. Pastel is paving the way…which shade are you?

Tantalising teal as a vivid hair colour suits ALL skin tones wanting to add energy to their style. Team Colour Palette don't stop at just one shade either - two tones of teal adds depth and dimension while keeping lightness around the face. A deeper shade melted from the roots is bound to make any eye colour in the spectrum pop! New to vivid colours? Experiment with some ribbon pieces first or incorporate it into a predominately steel silver blonde. We're encouraging you to exhibit a unique combination of chic and vibrancy to short, midi & long length strands... Channel your inner creativity and pull it off with confidence!

As we start to see a lot of old trends coming full circle remember there's a reason the midi is here to stay. Catering to a wealth of hair types, this chic length works a treat for all face shapes too. Allow us to put our scissors to work and customise a cut and finish to you. The warmer months work perfectly with the air dry trend and allows your styling regime to consist of a spritz of salt spray and sass. Our go to for this is Oribe - a super luxe vegan haircare line (available in-salon) that cares about the planet as much as we do!

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