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Behind The Scenes | Workshops

Behind The Scenes | Workshops

When it comes to breaking the mould, The Colour Palette salon is anything but your traditional hairdressers in the village. It's a dynamic space which set out to be more than just place to get a haircut or your nails done, pushing the boundaries and always wanting to go that extra mile.

So it will come as no surprise that this month, they hosted their first workshop, inspired by one of the hottest trends of the season, the headband. And after a successful night of chat, snacks and of course crafts, we're excited to announce not only do we have a programme of events coming your way very soon but you too can utilise the space to engage and inspire people. But first here's a sneak peak of what happened behind the scenes.

As you walk into the salon and see the tables all laid out where Alessio normally creates his hair magic, it's clear something exciting is about to happen. Mini-crates packed with bright and bold fabrics adorn the table and prosecco glasses are filled all the way to the top. But it's not another average day in the salon - this week a local crafter has taken over the space to teach customers how to make their very own hairband. Inspired by the catwalk trends of the seasons, the headband. Coveted by anyone who is anyone, this workshop like anything that happens in the salon is inspired by creativity and fashion.

As the guests tentatively arrive and start snacking on the Malteasers and other goodies provided they ease into the vibe a little bit more and then it's time to begin. With expert tutorial, reams of sequins, beads and glitter, it's an exciting workshop and people ease into it quickly and the creativity really starts to flow. Chat turns to how people found out about the workshop and Crowthorne local Lara tells the group that she's always on the lookout for something creative to do in her local area:

The workshop was a fantastically fun evening complete with Prosecco, snacks, great company as well as the creation of some beautiful headbands! Nerrisa gave us creative freedom whilst providing direction and guidance when needed. I'd highly recommend anyone looking to get creative and learn some nifty new skills - it's exactly what Crowthorne needed!

Two hours in and the workshop is coming to an end, everyone around the table are already firm friends and there are some stunning accessories around the table.

For salon owner Hardia, this is exactly what the space is intended for. "I'm a creative through and through and so I love that I have something that I can share with people where they can come and experience the same buzz I get from making something with my own hands. I was so impressed with what was made in the first session, I just knew we needed more and so I've already started reaching out to local talent and asking them to come up with workshops exclusive to the space".

Next up in the salon we have a "Paint a Masterpiece" workshop hosted by Lynsey, owner of local boutique The Little Crows Nest, the workshop will be teaching craft lovers how to paint a fabulous piece of artwork in this workshop in collaboration with Paint Republic. Priced at just £50 customers can purchase one of the limited tickets from either the salon or The Little Crows Nest.

Inspired and looking to launch your own workshops or maybe you're already a crafter with successful sessions. We're now offering the hire of our space to the craft community on a limited basis. For more, click here. And keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for more workshops coming very soon.

Author: Nerissa Pratt