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Back To Front #TeamColourPalette

Back To Front  #TeamColourPalette

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for signing up to the relaunch of The Colour Palette Blog, I'm super excited to go on this journey with you guys. I'm not going to bore you guys with my story again as it's written in the "About Us" section of the website but, in short - I'm Hardia, the Owner and Founder of The Colour Palette Salon.

This is going to be such a cool, funky platform where I'll be writing, chatting to and discussing everything from fashion, beauty, interiors, charities, travelling, small businesses (and their awesome owners), life at The Colour Palette Salon to #TeamColourPalette and more.

My first blog post is all about the amazing #TeamColourPalette. You can of course read all about them on the website under "Meet The Team" but, I've decided to dedicate this blog to the many newly signed up peeps as well as the newly booked in clients at the salon when we reopen.

It's time to introduce #TeamColourPalette but, in a whole different way. So, what did I do? I sent the team 3 completely random questions, each question being different and none of them receiving the same question.

We've all been at home for a while due to Covid, (we might be able to get back in the salon soon) - the next time you walk past the salon, let one of the #TeamColourPalette know what you thought about their answers and maybe what your answer would have been. How cool would that be? I absolutely know they would love that.

Without further ado, enjoy the questions and of course, the answers. I certainly did! You may want to jump in and try and answer the questions yourself. It's interesting and fun so make yourself comfortable, grab a coffee/tea or maybe a sneaky glass of red wine. Enjoy!


First up is Ilir, our Stylist:

Q: If you could slow down time, what would you do with this power?

The time is the most precious gift that we have. We can't change it, but we can only give it a sense. If I could have the power to slow down time, the best part of it I would dedicate to myself, to be the best version of me. You are the most important thing, so if you change, the world can change with you.

I would like to travel a lot around the world, to know of other countries, cultures and people. The rest of my time, I would spend with my family and friends and enjoy every single moment with them.

Q: Would you rather a vacation in Alaska or Hawaii and why?

I really would like to visit both, but If I have to choose just one, I prefer a vacation in Hawaii. I love the sun, the sea, tropical and warm places. The sun makes me feel happy and full of energy.

Q: What is the sexiest and least sexiest name?

For my preferences, the sexiest female name is Chanel and I found least sexy, Gertrude.


Caitlyn, our Saturday Assistant:

Q: Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Nope, to me a sandwich is made with two pieces of bread, whereas a hotdog is in a bun which is sliced in half.

Q: What's your favourite family recipe?

My favourite family recipe has to be baked beans in a chilli con carne. It's delicious!

Q: If you could live in a house of any shape, what would it be?

I would choose a round house made all of glass because it would look unique, classy and would be lovely waking up in the morning!


Kelly, our Beauty Therapist:

Q: If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

Being a generally nosey and inquisitive person, I think I would spend the time sneaking into places to be nosey. Go into Buckingham Palace, have a look around and see what the Queen does on a day to day basis, then pop on in to MI5 and see what conspiracy theories I can find out are true. Just spend the day resolving any mysteries that I have.

Q: Have you ever had a nickname? What was it?

I've had the usual nicknames over the years of Kel and Kelbel but, the most unique one was started by a friend and now what I get called by a few friends and family is, Kelfred!

The other nickname I have is from my nephews - Auntie Ooush, as I used to be a fan of Keith Lemon and "ooush" was a phrase used by him. I started saying this around my eldest nephew when he was young and that's what my name became.

Q: What's the most ridiculous fact you know?

The saying, "it cost an arm and a leg", comes from back in the day when people used to get portraits painted, the more limbs included in the portrait the more expensive it would be.


Alessio, our Creative Director:

Q: What personality trait has got you into the most trouble?

I've got a type of personality that is quite onset and at times, when I try to keep my opinion to myself, unfortunately I have got a very expressive face that lets you know what I'm thinking, even when I'm trying to keep a straight face. That can get me in trouble.

Q: How would your friends describe you?

I let some of my friends answer this question. They say, "loyal, funny, smart, talented, blondie" and "someone that you can really trust and count on during bad and good time".

Q: Is cereal soup? Why or why not?

Of course cereal isn't a soup, you reassure yourself, cereal isn't hot.


Nicole, our Beauty Therapist:

Q: Would you pick being world class attractive, a genius or be famous for doing something great?

I would have to pick - "being famous for doing something great", because when I'm gone, I would like to be remembered as someone who left an impact on others, someone who helped others or encouraged them to do something amazing. The satisfaction of doing something great outweighs beauty and brains. After all, looks fade, being a genius can sometimes mean you are misunderstood. Having a great life for doing something great for others wins.

Q: What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

I decided to sign-up for Tough Mudder, for charity, it was horrendous. Tough Mudder is a 13 mile run with the worst obstacles along the way. Including jumping off a 20 foot platform into cold water, sliding through fire, running through mud with electric cables above that shock you, swimming through a skip filled with ice and freezing cold water and many more awful tasks. But, I completed it and did it again the following year!!

Q: What's the funniest joke you know by heart?

What did the cheese say when he saw himself in the mirror?

Halloumi (hello me)


Alex, our Associate Creative Director

Q: What's been your best/worst date?

My best, I would say we meet for a drink, 30 mins later - we were at her place!

Q: If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?

As animal, I would be a shark as I love to stay in the water and I love swimming in the ocean.

Q: What secret conspiracy would u like to start?

I would start the secret conspiracy about Covid-19. It's been invented in a secret laboratory by Governments and Pharmaceutical Companies.


Charlotte, our Front of House:

Q: What's the best inside joke you have been a part of?

When I first found out I was pregnant, I told one of my best friends. Her partner is my partners best friend so we tried to think of a way to tell him. That night, we had dinner with them and we decided we would sit him down and just hand him the test. Before we ate, we were all sat in the lounge and asked him to sit with his eyes closed and hold his hands out. After a while, he agreed to do it, he was worried what we were going to do to him. My partner placed the test in his hands (on a piece of kitchen roll) and I told him to open his eyes. We probably should've thought this through a bit more because as soon as he opened his eyes, he instantly thought it was his partner who was pregnant. I have never seen someone look so scared in their life. He sat in shock for about a minute before we clarified it was in fact myself and Bradley who were going to be having a baby, not him. The rest of the evening he can't have spoken more than 10 words, I think we really scared him!

Q: What is the weirdest smell you have ever smelt?

For me, the strangest thing I have ever smelt would have to be the smell of rain. Nobody likes the rain, it gives off a certain mood but you can always smell when it's been raining. The scent doesn't match the mood either. When it's raining, it's feels dark and dreary but it smells fresh and familiar.

Q: What makes you laugh the most?

I would have to say that my daughter, Elsie, makes me laugh the most. She is currently 8 months old but has the cheekiest personality. She has recently started crawling and loves to crawl around our home giggling to herself. Every child is a blessing but, like any mother, I find her hilarious for even the smallest thing.


Era, our Beauty Therapist

Q: What are the three things you would bring with you to a deserted island?

Such a good question to understand, what really is important for me in an extreme situation like this?
The first thing I would bring with me is a Fishing Kit. I must ensure my food to survive and why not fishing, fish is also healthy and is a good way to stay active during the day.

The second thing is an Emergency Health Kit, in case I need it. You never know what can happen - better to be prepared!

The last thing I would bring is a diary - I love writing. Writing all my feelings, my experience - can be a good reason for publishing a book if I come back home again.

So these are the three things that I would bring with me. So hard to leave my beauty kit at home but there is no other choice. Hopefully I'll find some natural ingredients to treat myself and why not return home more beautiful and tanned too.

Q: If you could join any past or current music group which would you want to join?

I am not really a good singer but, in my dreams, the perfect music group to join is COLDPLAY, one of the most successful groups in recent years.
Their albums show how much they just enjoy being alive - that's why I choose to join them. I love their energy, motivational songs and positivity that they show to the public.

Q: What's invisible but you wish people could see?

Feelings are invisible, or I can say, real feelings. I wish people can see the real feelings of each other. Where there is sadness, give happiness. Where they see hate, give love.

It's not easy but by trying, we could all change and all. It could be a better world to live in.


Catalina, our Senior Hairstylist

Q: If fear was not a factor and you could not fail?

I actually think fear is important, I thrive off change and try to learn from my failures. If I didn't have the fear of failure, I wouldn't have wanted to be better at things :)

Q: If you had a warning label?

People pleaser! I think most people have a little people pleaser inside themselves. I'm trying to learn more about how to be kind to myself and although it can be hard, put my own feelings first sometimes.

Q: What is the best Wi-Fi you've ever seen?

My friend's work WiFi was named "riddle me this" and to connect you would have to answer a riddle at reception to gain access! I thought this was brilliant, although shame I'm terrible at riddles!


Well folks, how absolutely awesome was this?!! There have been some very interesting and amazing answers and after reading the #teamcolourpalette answers, I went on to answer the questions myself.

On that note I'm going to say goodbye, thank you so much for signing up to my blog posts. We're going to have awesome times together and it's a promise from me to you that we're going to discuss and chat about so many topics. Remember, #YouAreAwesome #YouAreWorthIt #BeBoldBeYou.

Signing off for now,




Date: 28th June 2020

Author: Hardia (Wessels) Van Rensburg