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A Little History...

The magnificent, award winning luxury Hair, Beauty, Nails & Laser Hair Removal Salon now featuring it's very own Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic, Image, Colour & Nutritional Consultant situated in the heart of Crowthorne, Berkshire. Hardia (Wessels) Van Rensburg, the founder and visionary of the salon, has put together a truly unique space with the help of her husband JP and Hardia's parents. A husband and wife team, JP makes sure the engine of the ship works efficiently and effectively together with The Colour Palette Team, which also play a vital role in the business. Hardia & JP are so proud of #TeamColourPalette and truly stand by everyone involved and believe they have an amazingly creative and passionate team at The Colour Palette Salon.

The space is inspired by the memoires of Hardia's travels across the world with a blend of culture, love for the fashion industry - integrated by her passion for the hair & beauty industry.

When you step foot in the salon, you'll succumb to a love at first sight renaissance of hand-picked decor, a spectacular eye for detail and an unrivalled collection of colours, patterns and placement of custom furniture and ornaments put together by Hardia herself. She's not only built a salon for individuals to treat themselves too, but a space for groups of friends and the community to converse and be pampered in. The Colour Palette Salon boasts a relaxed upmarket lounge atmosphere where people of all ages, backgrounds and interests are welcome.

When asked about her vision for the salon, "I have had the good fortune to travel extensively. Each country I visited had something special to offer. Whilst cultures vary, we all know beauty when we see it. This is why I chose the concept of a palette which begins with a few basic colours, and can be combined in a myriad of ways, each as unique as the person sitting in our chairs. I want my salon to be a place where people can relax, enjoy each other's company over a hot or cold drink and leave feeling beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. I like to think of it as a self-esteem recharge."

Hardia, a graduate of the prestigious Sassoon Academy and Delamar Make-Up Academy in London applied her trade across the world, having lived and worked in San Francisco, Sydney, Melbourne, Thailand, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Dubai, Greece & London.

Her keen eye for fashion, appreciation of different cultures and background in make-up propelled her career in the hair & beauty industry. She now applies her extensive experience to not only her business but her hardworking and skilled staff who live and breathe her passion and desire to make a difference to an individual's look and confidence.

The Colour Palette Salon is seen as a trend setter in the world of hair & beauty lounges, featured in many UK magazines, pictured by countless photographers and has inspired many people who step into the space.

So go on, join #TeamColourPalette for a coffee, a chat, a cut or colour, or choose and experience one of the huge range of beauty services on offer to unwind after a hard days work - you won't be disappointed.
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